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When every task on your to-do list is important, the burden of prioritizing becomes overwhelming, amplifying your mental load. And the fact that you’re responsible for all of it only adds to your stress.

It’s no surprise that you find yourself in a constant scramble, perpetually playing catch-up, and teetering on the brink of exhaustion.


Organization & Maintance

Keep your life well-organized and running smoothly with our organizational services right here in Salem, MA.

handyman services

Handyman Services

Our professional handyman services offer a comprehensive solution for all your household needs.

Executive assistant at work

Executive Assitance

Refine your bookkeeping, calendar management, appointment scheduling, travel booking & more.


“Hannah handles all of the bookkeeping for my company. She works independently and efficiently and provides monthly financial reports for us. Based on those reports she makes suggestions as to where we may cut costs or increase invoices in an effort to increase profit margins. My accountant is always impressed with our books, and Hannah always has everything ready long before they’re due for tax season. Once I hired Hannah, we stopped having to file extensions for our taxes. If you’re looking for a bookkeeper, I’d highly recommend Personalized Assistant.”

Colonial Sash & Door, LLC. (Swampscott, MA)

“Personalized Assistant is a lifesaver!! I had committed to hosting a dinner party at my house weeks prior but realized a couple of days before I had to work all morning and had holiday plans with friends in the afternoon. There was no way I was going to be able to plan it all, but Hannah took care of everything for the dinner party. She planned the menu, did the shopping, prepped the meal, made the dessert, and did the dishes! The dinner party was a total success, and I was still able to fulfill my other obligations.”

Jenn M. (Andover, MA)

“Hannah has worked for our family for over ten years. She manages both of our short-term rental properties. We have consistent renters, and we never worry as she has always been able to handle every situation. Guests rave about her immediate and thoughtful communication. She hires our housekeepers, personal chefs, and maintains our vehicles. Our needs have changed throughout that time, but we have always been able to count on her. We rely on her for everything!”

Jen M. (Andover, MA)

“I’ve been working with Hannah for more than 5 years, and, on average, I use her services for 6 hours per month over the course of 2 to 3 days. Hannah helped me make the transition to paying bills online. In working with her I have become more comfortable using my electronics, the internet, email, and Facebook. Hannah is willing to help me with whatever I have to get done on a given day including making travel arrangements, going to meetings with my insurance agent, cleaning out my storage unit, and assisting with online purchases. She makes my life easier, and I know I can trust and rely on her. Essentially, Hannah helps me stay organized and prepared ensuring I haven’t missed anything important.  She has been an integral part of maintaining my independence.”

Winnie M. (Ogunquit, ME)



We will begin by assessing your needs and determining the areas where you require assistance. Consider tasks and responsibilities that consume your time and cause stress. Then, schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements, preferences, and expectations. This initial assessment helps us understand your unique needs and allows us to tailor our services to suit you.

Establishing Priorities and Scope

Once you have identified your needs, work with us to establish priorities and define the scope of their responsibilities. This step ensures that we have a clear understanding of your objectives and helps us set realistic timelines and goals.

Onboarding and Communication

After finalizing the agreement to get started, the onboarding process begins. This typically includes sharing necessary information, such as access to relevant systems, calendars, and contact details. We will regularly communicate and maintain a strong working relationship.

Here's why you need a personal assistant.


Are you seeking to enhance your productivity and regain control over your valuable time? Hiring a personal assistant might be the transformative solution you need. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why engaging with a personal assistant can empower your efficiency and streamline your daily operations.

1. Time Optimization:

Time is a valuable resource, and optimizing it is crucial for achieving greater productivity. Hiring a personal assistant provides you with the opportunity to harness the benefits of time optimization, propelling your efficiency to new heights.

2. Stress Reduction:

The burden of managing multiple obligations can generate overwhelming stress. With a personal assistant by your side, you can share the workload, alleviating stress and achieving a healthier work-life balance. Letting go of micro-management allows you to experience peace of mind, knowing that tasks are handled competently.

3. Expert Coordination:

Personal assistants possess a wealth of experience in coordinating complex schedules, organizing events, and managing logistics. Their expertise ensures smooth operations and efficient execution, saving you from logistical headaches and allowing you to concentrate on core tasks.

4. Task Optimization:

Personal assistants excel at optimizing tasks through strategic planning and effective communication. They can identify workflow inefficiencies, propose streamlined processes, and implement productivity-boosting strategies. This approach maximizes your output and accelerates your progress toward your goals.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability:

Personal assistants are skilled in adapting to dynamic environments and evolving demands. They possess the agility to navigate shifting priorities, handle unexpected challenges, and adjust seamlessly to meet your evolving needs. Their versatility empowers you to navigate changing circumstances with ease.

An event manager in Salem, MA.
Tutoring services in Salem.


Hello everyone, my name is Hannah, and I am here to make your life easier and build lasting relationships. With a passion for helping others, my journey began in 2010 as a tutor for a busy executive’s children. As the years passed, this role evolved into a personal assistant position for their family, and my dedication grew stronger. Encouraged by the rewarding experience, I expanded my expertise and founded Personalized Assistant to assist multiple clients with tasks such as calendar management, event planning, travel arrangements, and day-to-day household operations.



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