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It’s not just about ticking tasks off a list. Our approach delves deep into your aspirations, merging them seamlessly with your day-to-day obligations. Experience the revolutionary way our Personalized Assistant Services Process can reshape your life.

The Magic Behind Our Personalized Assistant Services Process


At the heart of our approach is understanding you. We kick things off with a heartfelt chat, ensuring we’re attuned to your unique requirements, and mapping out how we can best serve you.

Establishing Priorities and Scope

Life is diverse, and so are its demands. Together, we’ll sift through the myriad tasks, distilling them into clear, achievable goals. Every step is tailored, ensuring we’re always in sync with your vision.

Onboarding and Communication

Setting out on the right foot is crucial. Our onboarding ensures a smooth start, acquainting ourselves with your world. Throughout our journey, expect open lines of communication, keeping you in the loop always.

Exceptional Support and Management

We’re in the business of excellence. Our assistants are continually honing their skills, ensuring you’re met with unmatched expertise. And as we journey together, we’ll keep tweaking our approach, ensuring it’s always you-centric.

Continual Evolution

As life evolves, so do we. We’re committed to pacing with you, adapting and innovating, ensuring every day is a step towards a more intentional life.

Behind the Scenes: Our Origin

Our story is deeply intertwined with Hannah McCarthy’s passion. What began in 2010 as a mission to assist a busy executive’s family has blossomed into the Personalized Assistant you see today. But at our core, our ethos remains unchanged – helping you lead a life of intention and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Personalized Assistant originate?

Answer: Personalized Assistant was born out of McCarthy’s passion for helping others. What started as a tutoring role in 2010 for a busy executive’s children evolved into a personal assistant position for their entire family. The immense fulfillment from this role inspired Hannah to establish Personalized Assistant, a larger venture to assist multiple clients with diverse needs.

What services does Personalized Assistant specialize in?

Answer: Over the past decade, Hannah has mastered various skills, including calendar management, bookkeeping, organizing, tutoring, and managing day-to-day household errands and operations. These skills along with the specific needs of our clients, form the core of our offerings at Personalized Assistant.

How does Personalized Assistant adapt to changing client needs over time?

Answer: As clients grow and evolve, so do their needs. Just as Hannah adapted to the changing requirements of her initial client family over a decade, Personalized Assistant is committed to flexibility and adaptability. We always strive to stay aligned with our clients’ current needs, even as they shift over time.

What differentiates Personalized Assistant from other personal assistant services?

Answer: At the heart of Personalized Assistant is the goal of building lasting relationships. While many clients approach us with a particular task, we often end up expanding our role, solidifying a trusted partnership. We pride ourselves on being a reliable presence, bringing peace of mind to our clients, and always delivering beyond expectations.

How can I ensure that Personalized Assistant aligns with my unique needs?

Answer: Our approach is centered around understanding what you wish to accomplish with the extra time you’d have. By discussing your objectives and aspirations, we tailor our services to fit perfectly within your lifestyle, ensuring a bespoke experience that truly resonates with your personal and professional requirements.

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