HANNAH McCarthy owner

Hannah McCarthy’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and service. Graduating summa cum laude with honors from Franklin Pierce University in 2010, she embarked on a path of continuous growth and achievement. Since her graduation, Hannah has been dedicated to shaping young minds through private tutoring, leaving a trail of successful students in her wake.

In 2011, Hannah’s remarkable skills caught the attention of a busy executive and his family, leading her to assume the role of a personal assistant. With precision and dedication, she seamlessly managed the intricate web of tasks that comes with supporting a high-profile family. This experience became a crucible where Hannah honed the skills that would later become the hallmark of Personalized Assistant.

Personalized Assistant isn’t just a business for Hannah; it’s a reflection of her deep-rooted belief in making lives easier and more manageable. Every client is a unique story, and Hannah understands the importance of tailoring her services to cater to specific needs. Whether it’s daily errands that demand attention, weekly chores that require efficiency, monthly responsibilities that seek organization, or even yearly tasks that necessitate careful planning, Hannah and her team at Personalized Assistant stand ready to step in.
What sets Personalized Assistant apart is Hannah’s genuine passion for accessibility. She firmly believes that having an assistant shouldn’t be a luxury limited to the privileged few. Instead, she envisions a world where the support and ease of an assistant are within everyone’s reach. By founding Personalized Assistant, Hannah has transformed this vision into a reality, democratizing assistance and elevating the quality of life for countless individuals.

In a world brimming with commitments and responsibilities, Hannah McCarthy shines as a beacon of relief and support. Her story is one of academic brilliance, professional evolution, and unwavering dedication to crafting a better life for others. Through Personalized Assistant, Hannah invites you to experience the transformative power of having a helping hand by your side, turning the overwhelming into the achievable, and the ordinary into the extraordinary.


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